Primary and wastewater treatment

What are Primary waters

Primary waters are used as raw materials for industrial, production, or consumer purposes. Primary waters are, for example, those entering industrial plants. Specific products are required for water treatment based on the type of processes in which they are involved.

What is Wastewater

Wastewater comes from domestic, industrial, or urban use and thus contains a high concentration of organic or inorganic depositions, some of which are pollutants.
For this, they need purification treatment to make impurities and agents contained unharmful to the environment.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment consists mainly of three stages:

  • Filtering of water to eliminate impurities and solid waste through screening procedures
  • Advanced water filtration to release it from residues with a smaller volume, such as soil and sand, through desanding. If oils are present in the waters, de-oiling is carried out
  • Elimination of remaining residues and pollutants through different approaches. One of them is biological oxidation, which removes substances through the action of microorganisms and sedimentation in special tanks. In this phase, additional treatments are involved. These include clariflocculation, nitrification, denitrification and dephosphating, based on the features of the water.

Water Purification Plants: Celko’s solutions to the most common problems

Celko Chemical offers a complete line of Anionic, Non-ionic, and Cationic Polyelectrolytes, both liquid, and powder, primary coagulants, and defoamers for solving any problem of clariflocculation of primary, waste, civil and industrial waters.

Celko Chemical acquires constant innovations for treating primary and waste water to combine maximum efficiency with environmental sustainability.

That’s why the “Celklar WB” series and the research for water reuse were born.

Products to improve plant efficiency: Celklar WB

The Celklar WB product series with oil-free and water-based liquid polyelectrolytes has highly innovative features for:

  • greater efficiency
  • stability of at least two years instead of a few months
  • stability to thermal fluctuations
  • ease of use (even direct line dosing).

Wastewater recovery: eco-sustainability and safety

Celko Chemical has developed wastewater recovery and reuse technologies through the design of treatment processes and systems together with the production of specific Chemicals for the efficiency of the recovery plants. Saving and recovering a source of energy and life, such as water, is essential for civil and industrial sustainability.

Discover all Celko Chemical industrial water treatment plant solutions.